15 things to do while stuck at home (part 2)

6. Take an online class – In the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic many Ivy league schools and even companies started to offer FREE classes online. Check out this list with 450 free classes or download one of the 300 000 online books from the New York Public Library.

7. Use the time for home remedies and beauty procedures. For example, while watching a movie or TV you can soak your feet in hot water and bath salts. You can also try some of the home-made masks on the Internet. My favorite is an anti-cellulite wrap with coffee.

8. Exercise and stretch – I am not gonna give you an example of exercises you can do at home, cus I am sure by now you have seen millions of them. The important thing to do is clean around the area you are going to use for exercise and be comfortable while doing it. Don’t forget to stretch as this is crucial for blood circulation.

Some more things you can do while at home:

9. Meditate – Even without the stress of the outside world you can still use the time to focus your vibrations through meditation. My advice if you are new to that – find a comfortable pose, not necessarily lotus pose, and sit there for a minute or two. Then play some meditation music, at least 10-15 minutes of it, and try to relax. Do your best to isolate any sounds and concentrate on breathing only.

10. Being at home doesn`t mean staying inside. For those of you that have balconies or gardens, you can now grow some plants or redecorate. You can even DYI some outdoor cushions from old sheets.

11. Work on a vision board – allow yourself to dream big, put together a wish list or vision board with images of what you want in life – your dream house, luxury vehicles you like or even couture that you like.

12. Network online – Join an online community, Introduce yourself in a smart way by updating your profiles and resumes or link with other businesses! Invite people to connect online, write comments, give your opinion, be vocal.

13. Look through Old Photos – You can now categorize all the photos on your devices. A fun way to spend time at home & look in the past.

14. Watch a documentary – Now you can devote time to an interesting topic and watch a documentary about it. After each episode you can devote an hour to research the topic in-dept: google names of historical figures, locations, or images.

15. Reach out to a family member or a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. As simple as this sound many of us forget to keep in touch with friends we don’t see occasionally. Instead of waiting for a special occasion to reach out using the time at home to have a virtual date with friends from college or a distant relative. 

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