Up close and personal

Let`s talk frankly about the things we care for, about the relationships we build, and the problems we have. As a female sagitarius I have always been proud with one personal quality of mine – directness. Lots of people cant take it, but ┬ámany, like me, truly believe that the candid truth is the best act of friendship.

Be brave

I wanted to start this blog years ago, but I never gathered the courage to finish an article that is more than just “useful information”.

In order for me to write such an article I had to open up and bravely expose my fears, my mistakes and my little victories in life. That is probably the bravest thing one can do in a relationship of any kind – share one`s ┬ámost intimate secrets and turn them into someone`s else levarage. But well, if you dont play, you cant win they say.

So, here it is – the truth, as I see it – I hope you enjoy reading!

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