How to bring “Breakfast at Tiffany`s” home?

Remember when Serena made Tiffany`s themed bridal shower for Blair in Gossip Girl? Well, let’s say I am a huge fan and tried to do it for my birthday last year. It turned out to be a great day party, my friend loved it, and it was not hard to put together. Here is how I organized a Tiffany` inspired party in just 7 single steps:

1st Pick a place – some nice room with comfortable chairs and enough space to make a buffet type of table. In my case, that was my friend`s party room at 73 E Lake in Chicago.

2nd Pick a time – I am born in December and one thing I love about that is that everyone is already celebrating so is not weird at all to have people drinking cocktails at 2 pm. Plus it gets dark so early and without proper lighting would not be as magical. Birthday party at 2 pm for adults!

3rd Make sure to include all details in the invitation. If you take time to organize such a themed party, you sure have the time to make your exclusive invites. I actually took the time to design mine with the signature font and black chandelier on top. You can order yours on a website like

4th Choose your menu carefully – you don’t have to overfeed your guests at 2 pm, but you still wont to serve something solid with the strong martinis and champagne. I choose to have croissant sandwiches with a variety of cheese dips. Also on the table: macaroons, mini chocolate mousse desserts, chocolate candies, olives, cheese tray, fig jam, gourmet crackers, etc. You can experiment with the menu and also make it fit your budget.

5th The one thing you don` want to save money on – The cake! If you make all that effort to have Tiffany`s party, you should have Tiffany`s inspired cake. Note: There aren`t very many great pictures on the web for a turquoise cake with pearls. I had to draw a little cheat sheet for the baker when I ordered mine, but It was worth it!

6th You want to decorate appropriately. That can also be done on a budget. For example, my entire coast for decoration for the party with 20 guests was only $90. You can find almost everything in Party City – that signature blue color tablecloth, the same color napkins and cute plastic plates with a gold ring. I bought a box with mini blue boxes and packed in each of the chocolate candy. It’s charming to pass them around instead of a box of regular chocolate candies. (Idea also borrowed by the Gossip Girl episode)

7th Glassware and silverware. I have decided I do not want to clean a lot after my party, so I just bought an imitation of silver spoons and forks. (I did not find what I wanted in Party City, but there are plenty of stores that offer a pack of cute plastic forks and knives) The one thing I did not want to compromise with was the martini glasses. Having a party outside your place is a little challenging, but I found a company that let me rent about 20 martini glasses and 20 wine glasses for cheap. I just had to pick them up (they come in pallets) and afterward to drop them off. You don`t have to wash them.

8th At last – make sure you are appropriately dressed – for such a party you can always pull a little black dress and a pair of pearls. I found a cute blue dress online, and I combined it with striped black and white heels from Ted Baker. ( but I sure put my pearls on as well) Make sure you include a little dress code recommendation in the invite. (Just so you don’t have people coming with T-shirts)

That`s all – Enjoy!

P.S. – You can also add some white balloons


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