Oh, darling let`s have Breakfast at Tiffany`s

Instagram lovers and Tiffany`s fans brace yourself! Now you can really have Breakfast at Tiffany`s and not only that but lunch, brunch and afternoon tea. The multimillion company opened Blue Box Cafe on 10th of November at its flagship store in the heart of NY, and it`s fabulous.

Located on the 4th floor, the entire Blue Box Cafe is furnished in Tiffany Blue. Display of high-class diamonds right next to the cute small tables adds to the chic atmosphere of the place. The sophisticated turquoise decoration can transcend you in the classic movie. Big windows that fill the room with light and create the perfect warm atmosphere.

  With that much of chic and cuteness, I’m sure the place will turn into the next hot spot for Instagram lovers visiting the Big Apple.

Well, of course, the place is a bit pricey but who wouldn`t spare a little cash for great food and such a delightful atmosphere? You can have lunch for $39 or just coffee and a croissant for $29

(Bare in mind the last mentioned comes with a side of avocado toast or salmon bagel) Nothing too expensive for an exquisite view to Central Park. You can`t get this online, can you?

For the real fans of Audrey Hepburn (like me), this place is like heaven. Blue Box Cafe is open during the store`s hours. Tiffany & Co. is located at 727 5th Ave, New York, NY 10022 and the cafe last seating during the week is 5:30 pm. All you need is little black dress and pearls. 

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