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The Kenosha North Pier lighthouse or Kenosha Light was built in 1906 and stands 50 feet tall. Located at Simmons Island Beach, 50th St. and Lake Michigan, the place is popular among professional photographers and tourists. Sand, nature and plenty of natural light make perfect

Галина Петрова: Какво е за теб да се срещнеш с толкова българи в Чикаго, да им представиш „Историята”? Каква е емоцията за теб?  Христо Стоичков: Емоцията ми е много голяма, защото тук започна всичко с българския футбол – първата победа на Световното

With less than 4 weeks to the long-anticipated Season 8 of the iconic TV show Game of Thrones, this pop-up bar in Chicago is just the place to be to get yourself back in the atmosphere of Westeros. At Replay

We all admire beautiful things - We want to have them, to possess them, to use them, and we want them to make us attractive. It is not just about your look but mostly your attitude Creating something beautiful though requires

If you read my blog you already know I am very keen on organizing events of any kind. I pride myself on pleasing every guest and leaving great memories behind. ( as well as amazing picture proof of it)This weekend