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If you read my blog you already know I am very keen on organizing events of any kind. I pride myself on pleasing every guest and leaving great memories behind. ( as well as amazing picture proof of it)This weekend

I had the pleasure of hosting another great party for a friend of mine or should I say a real-life mentor. Elka`s 50th Birthday celebrated the half of century of the incredible life of my friend and a cultural patron

Remember when Serena made Tiffany`s themed bridal shower for Blair in Gossip Girl? Well, let's say I am a huge fan and tried to do it for my birthday last year. It turned out to be a great day party,

Instagram lovers and Tiffany`s fans brace yourself! Now you can really have Breakfast at Tiffany`s and not only that but lunch, brunch and afternoon tea. The multimillion company opened Blue Box Cafe on 10th of November at its flagship store