More ideas for Themed Birthday Party

How to celebrate your birthday at home and in style? There is a way – organize a themed party. Choose a topic, decorate, and pick the menu accordingly. Make sure you tell your friends so they can be on the same page and choose appropriate outfits.

Birthdays don`t have to be expensive. With the right decoration, you can create a charming atmosphere and have a great time with your guests. I celebrated my 30th birthday with a party called “Happy dirty 30”. It was Tiffanys inspired celebration which happened during the day, so my menu included some croissants and martinis at 2 pm. Read more about the Breakfast at Tiffany’s party in my previous post


This time I came up with a different idea – Paris inspired party for my girlfriends birthday. We did not have enough time to set up everything as I imagined it but it turned out to be a fabulous event.

We found online Eiffel tower centerpiece and little Eiffel decorative towers (If you have dinner plates set up you can place the small turrets on each plate on top of the napkin) You can add a bunch of balloons, feather, pearls, and flowers. I found this cute paper roses on Etsy. They are perfect for spreading on the table like rug underneath the Eiffel Tower. Also on the table candles in candle glass jars. You can add some flowers or rocks on the bottom, fill the tank with water and place the candle on top.



Champagne, Champagne, Champagne.

Great people at the door and have a small tray on the side to give them a glass of champagne. (You can find cheap champagne glasses at dollar three or order them online)

Other things you can add to the menu: cheese, meats, olives, french baguettes, grape, caviar, stuffed mushrooms. Have some strawberries to compliment the champagne, and some macaroons ( Trader Joe`s have delicious macaroons for less than $10 a box) Choose pretty cake with flowers decorations. Voilà!

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