Galina Petrova

Journalist, Model
& Actress

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Screenshot of an online gift shop website, featuring an array of thoughtfully curated products for gifting occasions, including trendy accessories, personalized items, and delightful surprises, providing a convenient and enjoyable online shopping experience for customers


Fashion blogger posing in a stylish outfit, showcasing their unique sense of fashion and trendsetting style with confidence and flair


Chicago actor showcasing their talent and skill, captivating audiences with their captivating performance and stage presence.


Image of a Bulgarian journalist diligently working on a news story, researching, and conducting interviews with utmost professionalism and dedication.

On Air

Experienced Chicago model with an impressive portfolio featuring billboards and publications, confidently posing for the camera, embodying grace and style, and representing the epitome of success in the modeling industry


Travel influencer capturing the essence of adventure and exploration, sharing their experiences from breathtaking destinations around the world, inspiring others to embark on their own journeys of discovery.


Bulgarian journalist, model, and author, excelling in storytelling through her insightful journalism, striking presence as a model, and captivating written works.



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A glimpse 'Behind the SCENES' at our Retro Barbie-themed photoshoot. The scene is alive with the spirit of yesteryear as our model channels classic Barbie elegance, complete with a high ponytail, black headband, and a vintage-inspired black and white striped swimsuit. She stands poised and ready to dazzle, against a punchy pink backdrop that pops with nostalgia, embodying the timeless charm of an era gone by
Strike a pose in retro elegance with our houndstooth-patterned blazer, accentuated with bold black lapels and golden buttons. The words 'Vintage VIBES' in stylish script float over the image, capturing the essence of classic chic. Complete your look with timeless pearl accessories for an aura of sophistication that never goes out of style
Channel your inner spy with our 'Hour 007' fashion series. Captured here is a model exuding mystery and allure, dressed in a striking red leather trench coat, cinched at the waist with a black belt, and paired with sleek knee-high boots. She stands poised against a moody backdrop, embodying the enigmatic charm of a fashion-forward secret agent


Watch old and latest interviews with Bulgarian actors, athletes, and influencers. 

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